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If you are a fan of epic battles like the ones in Troy, Gladiator and 300, this game is made for you. Castle Clash is the one game which has not only amazing features but also fantastic rewards and game play. You can actually get lost in the game while playing because of its amazing features and beautiful game play. The game is immensely popular due to the best features it offers. Castle Clash has more than 10 million users worldwide because of its addictive nature.

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Most of us imagine mythical creature, our fights with them and adventures to mythical and magical words after watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. You can see your imagination coming to a gaming reality because of this amazing app. You will be fighting all kind of mythical creatures in this game like monsters, dragons, one-eyed monsters, multi legged monsters, monsters in the dungeons and what not. You can hire legions of hero and fight the mythical creatures of different sizes and species. You can become a legend by simply playing the game because if you win the game, you can be the greatest Warlord in the world. Be creative, and you can have the glory you want.

You can easily download this game as it is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Just go to your app store or play store from your smart phone, type Castle Clash and simply download the game. This game is absolutely free to use, and you do not have to spend a single dime on the game.

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Features of Castle Clash

Castle Clash has the most amazing features, and we are going to elaborate every single for you.

Build a Castle

First, you have to build a castle for yourself because you need to be protected from the mythical creatures. The castle has to be strong and impenetrable because of the imminent threat of dangerous mythical creatures.

Have an Army

The most important thing in Castle Clash is to be invincible, that is the reason you built a castle, and that’s the very reason you are going to build an army. Create a strong and powerful army so you can defeat your opponents. Keep in mind that you are going to fight mythical creatures and not ordinary people that’s why you have to build an extra ordinarily strong army.


As the name of the game represents it is Castle Clash, and you are going to have clashes with other armies. You will face a few of the most interesting battles in the gaming history in Castle Clash. You will get your heroes to fight with the mythical creature, and then our victory in a battle will be finalized on the basis of how much yours or your enemy’s base is destroyed. The one with the more destroyed base will lose the game.


This is one of the most liked features of Castle Clash, and you will have to put them in the Arena against other people playing the game. You will buy heroes using resources (like gems because it is the in-game currency) of the game because having more heroes will increase your might. If you have heroes with better fighting abilities, you will be able to win more battles and ultimately become a legend. Every hero will have a different and specific set of skills, and these skills can be upgraded as well by sacrificing other heroes.


Castle Clash is not an ordinary game it also offers you enchanting spells you just have to tap the screen, swipe it and tilts a little and a powerful magic spell is cast upon your enemies. The mythical creatures are also prone to magic so you can use it on them too.


This game is free is to download and play, you do not have to spend any money on the game.


You are going to build you castle, and it will have a lot of sub-structures in the game. The buildings have the strongest impact on the impenetrability of the castle. The important buildings include Town Hall, Arrow Tower, Magic Tower, Vaults, Cannon Towers, Heroes Altar, Relic Hall, and the Guild Hall.

You will get many resources in the game, but the most important are Gold and Mana, these resources can be achieved by battling the mythical creatures. However, you can also increase the reservoir of Mana and Gold by building Mana mills and Gold mills. You need to constantly upgrade your mills to get more and more Mana and Gold as these are the main resources in the game. You are going to need these resources for many important tasks.

Castle Clash Resources Generator

Being the most interesting game, castle clash has millions of users worldwide. It is too addictive and will make you obsessed with, and you will want to play for hours because it is that interesting. When you are playing the game for hours, you might run out of resources because of continuous addictive play. This will keep you glued to the edge of your seats because it is interesting and engaging. Castle Clash’s users mostly complain about running out of resources early, and then the game gives the option to put your credit card and buy the resources using your real life money. However, it might not be a feasible option for most of the player. Now the Clashers from Castle Clash are searching for a solution which allows them to have the resources without spending your real-life money.

We have brought the solution to you, and the solution is called Castle Clash Resources Generator. This is the most convenient and user-friendly tool to generate resources of Castle Clash. You just have to get the hack and enter the desired amount of resources (Gold, Mana, Gems) and press generate. That is all; you will have an unlimited supply of resources to play the game. Now you will never feel stuck in the game. The tool works on both Android and iOS devices.

Have fun playing Castle Clash for hours without worrying about lack of resources by using our Castle Clash Resource Generator.